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PERSONAL: Zero by MiddysGraphics

    This manipulation has great potential. You did an amazing job on resizing the horse. And the tail is really good. Getting a closer look at it I see that the hooves are not blended into the background for that (I personally) get a grass brush & use it as an eraser. Resizing the eraser to the size of the grass so it looks real. Second I see that the mane is not there, and with a long tail you would most likely get a longer mane. Just paint the mane like you did the tail, only shaped like a mane, xD. Third I see that the lighting does not match the background, I cannot explain lighting right so here are some tutorials for you :3 ( [link], [link] & [link]) And finally I see you outlined the horse I would lower the opacity to about 50% or less so you can see it but its not all you see when you look at the amazing cutting job you did. Oh before I forget I would recommand detailing your horse in manipulations, its not for everyone but it does help the horse, more tutorials ( [link], [link] )
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MiddysGraphics Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Awesome. (: thanks for the critique. Hopefully Ill be able to fix some of the things you mentioned this weekend to try and make it better. :heart:
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